About Us

Susie – Certified Health Coach and Full-Time Cowgirl

Susie is a certified Health Coach and full-time Cowgirl.
“Watching my weight has been a lifetime commitment for me.  It is not easy to always live a healthy lifestyle and I am one who will be honest and tell you, I don’t always eat healthy.  I enjoy life and I enjoy food!  I am just your average woman who needs to make sure I get in enough exercise each day to keep my calories in check.   I have been overweight and unhealthy and it is a daily struggle for me to stay at a healthy weight.  There are some days that are easier than others, but I am here to say that the struggle is real.  Join me on our commitment to a healthy lifestyle (with a few desserts!)”

Loren – Certified Health Coach Fitness Trainer

Lauren is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.  She is also a past Miss Reno Rodeo, Miss Rodeo Nevada, Top 10 at Miss Rodeo America 2011.
Lauren says, “Starting a fitness journey can be a confusing and overwhelming process. The hardest part can actually be taking that first step out the door and learning to live a healthier lifestyle!

Quinton – Gym-Rat, Body Builder

Quinton has been training hard for the past 6 years.  He is an avid outdoors enthusiast and has lived in the cold winter of Siberia while serving a mission for his church.  He is a so-called ‘gym-rat’ and his favorite exercise is the Power Clean.   Quinton says, “One of my favorite things in life is helping people get healthy and excited about fitness.”