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Wondering what COWGIRL Fit is all about?  Well here are the details!

SIGN ME UP FOR ONLY $5.00/mth (Limited Time)

In COWGIRL FIT, you will enjoy

The Cowgirl Boss Website

Enjoy a website focused on women who want to get fit that love the country lifestyle!  This website includes…

  • Groups: Join the Accountability Group, Recipe Group and so many more inside of the community.  Or create your own and invite your friends or make it private.  It can be a Trail Riding group in your area or whatever you can imagine!
  • Friendships: Make friendships while getting fit in our Cowgirl Fit Community.  You can friend request those that have the same interests as you!
  • Tips and Helps: We regularly update the different groups in the community with tips, recipes, workouts and more!  This all makes it fun and helps you stay motivated and accountable!
  • And much more!  Join and login to see all of the tools you can enjoy!


Enjoy regular challenges which help you stay motivated and accountable while losing inches and getting fit!  We also include mini-challenges in our big challenges.  Meaning… while you are in a challenge, we will challenge you to drink at least 8 oz. of water per day, or take 8-10,000 steps per day.


You may win prizes during the challenges.  If you stay committed throughout the challenge there are two ways you can win prizes.  The person who loses the most inches each month during the challenge and you can also win a prize if you have totaled the most points in the community!  You can score points by being active in the website and community by commenting, posting and more!


You will be emailed our Cowgirl Fit E-Book which will give you tips and pointers on living a healthy lifestyle.  It will also instruct you on how to use the website.  A great resource for each Cowgirl Fit member!

So are you ready to sign up?  There are two options!

  1. 12 Week Challenge $29.95 (reg. $59.95) Click Here  Use Coupon Code  SAVE50
    Join the 12 Week Challenge which you will be a part of the current challenge and you are eligible to win prizes and  enjoy all of the Cowgirl Fit resources.  You can join for our 50% off special NOW!!  Only $29.95 (reg. $59.95).  You will be in the Cowgirl Fit Community for the duration of the Challenge
  2. Monthly $5.00/mth (reg. $19.95) Click Here   (Thru 1/31/19
    Or Join Monthly!!  Our best deal as we only open our doors a couple of times a year!  This will keep you in the Cowgirl Fit Community all year and you can keep and stay motivated and accountable.  You can join for our 75% off special NOW!!  Only $5/mth (reg. $19.95). That’s only .16/day! You will be in the Cowgirl Fit Community continually and you will be grandfathered into this low price!  So when the doors close to new members, you will still be in!  This also includes any challenge we may be having in the group.  So you will receive all of the resources and challenges. This is for the health conscious cowgirl who’s looking to a healthy future.  Your card will be billed each month, but you can cancel anytime!