Point System

When we start our Challenges, we include a point system.  We include a 12 Week Challenge and an 8 Week Challenge. The Point System rewards you for using our website and helps you get the most out of our website and challenge. If you use the website to your advantage, you will be able to add up a lot of points.

Remember if you send your friends your affiliate link or post it on social media, you can get points! More info. on this below and in the planner.

Here is a diagram of how the point system works:

You can get a point each day for logging in, joining a group, adding friends, commenting in groups, and much more.  Please refer to your planner or you can email us if you have any questions!

Your points will be totaled at the top of your profile so you can see them each day.  You can also click into your “Points History” in your membership account to see how many points you have accumulated over the days, weeks and month.  The points will be reset each month of the challenge.

One way to accumulate a massive amount of points is to share your affiliate link (that is in your profile) with your friends.  If you friend goes to our page www.cowgirlfit.com but doesn’t join, you’ll still get 1 point.  If you friend joins Cowgirls Fit, you will get 25pts!! This is unlimited, so post your link on your social media pages and let your friends know about it!

Read more about the points in the Cowgirl Fit Planner.  Or email us at [email protected]